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Not exactly, but we think awesome companies, products, and teams deserve success, and we know that one of the biggest obstacles to that success can be found in logistical challenges. Most small product producers know how expensive and time consuming it can be to get their products to market, and it can often mean the difference between growth and failure.

Haul is revolutionizing the hyper-local, last mile delivery space through the use of proprietary software, proven fleet management tactics, innovative organizational development and people strategies, and a laser focus on maximizing efficiency and flexibility for our customers. While we are currently focused on food, the opportunity for this model to impact just about every industry that has a need for last mile logistics is enormous (literally trillions of dollars worldwide).


and who's on the team

Haul started, as many great innovations do, out of frustration. In solving last-mile logistics issues ​for a few consulting clients, we realized that the pain we were addressing is nearly universal, and our small solutions could be scaled to help just about any other company.

In 2018 founders Cullen Martin and Will Gibney decided to develop Haul into the ultimate hyper-local solution for on demand, last-mile logistics. Combining a love for all things food, and based in Portland Maine, Haul is positioned for aggressive and scalable growth. 

Investors are welcome to submit inquiries, but be warned, we are extremely picky about who we will work with. Only those with the ability to grasp the vision and scale of the opportunity need apply.



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