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Like any great recipe, Haul is more than the sum of its individual components. We pride ourselves on creatively solving problems, and working as a team. By partnering with our customers, their buyers, and our providers we have created a culture of innovation and value creation. 

The last leg of any product journey to the buyer is expensive. In fact, it can comprise more than 30% of the total cost to deliver. Food producers know this only too well, and the existing models are expensive, and time consuming. Whether self-distributing, or partnering with a distributor, both the direct and indirect costs can make or break your business.

Haul is different, rather than act as your distributor or sales force, we are simply your delivery channel. our low overhead and proprietary methods allow us to more value than any other solution, at significantly lower costs to you.

There are four major components that help create our unique offering, and allow us to help solve the last-mile logistics problem. 


Haul has several key components to it's technology platform and algorithms, and all of them are designed to provide you the maximum convenience and value, at the lowest cost. Key features include:

  • Easy to use order placement and tracking web app. Use with any device, at any time, to place and track your orders. 

  • Barcode tracking for individual packages. Every package we ship will have a unique ID, which is scanned at every stage of the journey to provide maximum visibility.

  • Instant price calculations mean you know what it will cost when you place your order. No hidden fees or surcharges later on. Get a quote and decide if Haul is the right solution for each delivery, NO CONTRACTS.

  • Instant tracking and notifications for both you and your buyer means fewer phone calls and less back and forth for you. 

  • Schedule orders when you need them to be delivered. Have an order for next week? Next month? Next year? No problem,. Place your order, and we'll pick it up on the date you chose.

  • Lot's of orders to place? Use our CSV upload function, or in some cases we might work with you to integrate Haul with your order management platforms.

Fleet and Route

Our fleet and route management platform is second to none. We use only the best equipment, engineered to provide the highest quality journey to your buyer. Notable features include:

  • No warehouse or central depot means that your products are handled the fewest possible number of times before reaching your buyer. Less handling means higher quality.

  • 100% New model Leased Fleet. Maintained to the highest standards mean less downtime, and higher reliability, ensuring that our drivers are always ready to go.

  • 100% Cold Chain Compliance. Only the highest quality standards will work for the products that we carry. You take great care to ensure it's quality, and we do too.

  • Dynamic routing to optimize efficiency. This means that your products spend less time running around on a truck, getting jostled and bumped. 

  • Unlike couriers or contracted driver platforms, all of our drivers are Haul employee's. This allows us to have a high quality and consistent workforce, and to maintain standards that meet your expectations.

  • Vehicle data is gathered at all times, allowing for real-time updates when you need them, rather than just when a package is scanned.


Great companies only exist because of great people. Haul is focused on providing amazing jobs, and attracting high quality talent. Ways we do this are:

  • Everyone at Haul works from home, including our drivers. This is a major perk, and one that we plan on keeping for a long time. Decentralization allows for a better work-life balance, and a higher quality workforce. It also reduces overhead, and subsequently the cost to the customer.

  • Everyone, From the CEO to the drivers, makes the same base salary, and has options for metric based performance bonuses. This means that there are no bloated salaries at Haul, and when people add value to the consumer, they are rewarded accordingly.

  • We hire for fit, and train the technical skills. Our model allows us to hire the best people to fit our customers, and our company's needs. We focus on finding the people that understand and subscribe to our vision, and are willing to learn entirely new ways of working.


Haul is more than just about getting great food to it's destination. We realized that this problem, last-mile logistics, exists in every industry and on every continent. In fact, while small food producer deliveries in the US total nearly $180 billion annually, total last mile deliveries worldwide measure in the multiple trillions of dollars. Developing nations have an even more difficult time, as they lack the infrastructure and viable alternatives that developed nations have.


At Haul, our ultimate mission is to facilitate the efficient movement of goods at a hyper-local level across the globe, and to forever change the way that goods get to market.

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