An entirely new way to sell and ship food

The idea is simple. Your customers need convenience and value, and instant access to the products they want, with inexpensive (free) and fast shipping. Partnering with a distribution partner(s) gets expensive and creates distance between you and your buyers. Managing the entire function yourself takes a lot of time, and is limiting your opportunities. This is where Locavor - by Haul comes in.

Locavor is like a virtual grocery store. A 24/7 Farmers Market. Customers can browse and order your products any time of day or night, and we handle all of the order management functions for you. Once you have gathered the orders, our Haul drivers will be automatically scheduled to pickup your products, and immediately deliver them to your buyer (free shipping). All of this for up to 60% less than traditional distributor and retail relationships cost.

You list your products, have your own store front, maintain inventories, and pack fulfilled orders, and we handle the rest. Payment processing, order management, logistics, and more. You can sync your existing eCommerce platforms to our market if you have them, or just use ours as a standalone if you don't. Locavor is about promoting local food brands, and making sure you can maintain the customer relationship. We just want to facilitate and deliver the goods!

All of this at a cost that never exceeds 20% of your sale price! Set wholesale and retail prices, decide how to categorize your products, and interact with your buyers through social media (Customers can even buy your products directly on Facebook and Instagram). Locavor gives you the control, the world class experience customers demand, and saves you a fortune! 

If you're a farmer, cheesemaker, artisan shop, or any kind of food producer in and around the following areas, we would love to discuss how to get your products on our platform! 

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