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Haul delivers for as little as $5.00 USD. Haul prices vs the "Big 3" average 60% less!


Guaranteed delivery as soon as the next business day up to 150 miles? Check.


Place orders from any device, anywhere, in less than a minute, and NO CONTRACTS!


100% transparency, real time updates, and only two handling points.



Shipping within 150 miles with the "Big 3"? Avoid all the extra handling, multiple truck swaps, packages getting lost, and late deliveries by using Haul.

16x14x12 @ 30lbs

Cost to ship 96 miles standard ground.




16x14x12 @ 30lbs

Cost to ship 96 miles standard ground.




16x14x12 @ 30lbs

Cost to ship 96 miles priority 2-day.



Red, White &Blue

16x14x12 @ 30lbs

Cost to ship 96 miles guaranteed next day.




How do you compare different methods of distribution for cost? How about a price per lb analysis? How does your current method match up?

  • LTL Rates average $0.30-$0.75/lb

  • Distribution Partners average 30% of retail sales price

  • Self Distribution costs vary widely between $0.30-$2.00/lb

  • Haul averages $0.20/lb



With our guaranteed next business day deliveries, you'll be hard pressed to find a shorter time from leaving your facility to reaching your buyers. There are a lot of advantages of a shorter supply chain. Here are a few:

Less time on the road means more time on the shelf, and less expired product. This equals more sales, and more satisfied customers.

Increased Shelf Life

No order minimums means you can sell to any customer in our service area, no matter the size, at no additional cost.

Reduced Order Size

What if you could ship every week, or every day, without an increase in your relative cost to ship? Level load your shipments and increase your responsiveness to demand fluctuations.

Greater Frequency



How easy is it to ship with Haul?

Place orders in less than a minute from anywhere, at anytime, on any device, and have them delivered as early as the next business day. Need to schedule orders in advance? We do that too, up to a year out.

Real-time notifications, live order tracking, and instant reports whenever you need them. Even give your recipients a heads up through our delivery notifications.


If you're anything like most producers, product safety is vital for your success. The two biggest culprits for maintaining safe quality standards are extra handling, and improper duration of travel 

With Haul, your product only gets handled twice. Once getting on the truck, and once getting off. Traditional distributors will handle your product at least 6 times, and if crossdocking is involved it could be twice that.

Once on our truck, your products will be there until they reach their destination. Nothing is ever stacked on your shipment, and it is never dropped or moved.



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